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finally… a blog with my name on it ^_^

August 31st, 2008 by Mia

alhamdulillah udah punya BLOG resmi walo CSS-nya ngikut wordpress… hehehe… cinta banget dah gue ma wordpress :D

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  1. aL Says:

    waaahh,,,syukurlah,,sudah ada blogny;) selamat2 y mi..

  2. nitha Says:

    helo mb mia..
    slm knl, aq nitha..
    br aja iseng nyari2 blog ny org oriflame,eh ktm d google..
    wah hbat y mb mia ini,tulisan ny ini g ngebosenin buat d bca,pasti nulisny brsmgt,semangatny itu lho,brasa smpe sni,hehe
    aq br jd member ni mba,udah 1 bln,tp 150 bp bln kmrn,jd blm dpt bonus cash dh^^,
    aq terinspirasi pngin sukses jg ni..
    mb mia,scra aq br pny 1 downline(malu2in pke crita sgala),
    gmn si bisa ngjak org gbung,maklum q rda malu^^

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